The power of writing

For a very long time I’ve wanted to write regularly. I’ve always enjoyed the process but never have thought about doing it more often. 

My first attempt to write was when I started a journal 10 years ago. I discovered that writing down your thoughts, actions, and feeling leads to profound relief. It was as if I was lifting some heavy thing from my chest and putting it down on paper in front of me.

The mistake I made however was that I always planned to write many pages. The right approach would have been of course to write as much as I felt to. The only rule should have been to write daily. But at that time, I wasn’t aware of the importance of consistency over amount, style, and content, when it came to writing.

Recently, I finished a writing challenge. In this challenge, I had to write at least 500 words everyday for 31 days. Writing helped me to deal with some difficult time I was heaving.

Its said that the anxiety and stress feelings are the work of our unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind keeps reminding us on the issues that are important and that we haven’t resolved yet. Unless we deal with these issues, it won’t stop nagging us. When we write down what is going on in our lives, especially the things that are worrisome to us, our unconscious mind gets a signal that there are is a chance we are addressing these issues. The nagging stops and we feel relieved.

Recently, I’ve come across a book that specifically talks about this issue. In their book, Opening Up by Writing It Down by James. W Pennebaker, PhD and Joshua M. Smyth, PhD state that expressive writing improves our health and eases emotional pain. I will soon read and share my insights about the ideas mentioned in the book.       

But personally  I see the value of writing, regardless of content, style, and amount in the following:

  • As mentioned above, it helps to combat anxiety by emptying our minds from thoughts that are bothering us.
  • It allows elusive thoughts and feelings to be captured on paper and to be carefully explored and analysed.
  • It allows us to capture time by writing down our memories. The only thing that we have from the past are memories and artefacts. Written text is actually both. Keeping physical things over time might be difficult and cumbersome, but words can be eternal.
  • Writing is art. You can create many things with material, but with words you can create whole worlds. There are no limits with words.
  • With written words, you can change yourself, and you can change the world, generation after generation. Despite the power of other medium in today’s information world, there is not a single thing more influential and impactful than the written word.

Lets write words. And with it capture the past, explore the present, and shape the future.


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