I might sometimes sound authoritarian with my shoulds, oughts, strong views, and sometimes uninformed opinions, at least to some. That is not my intention.

I confess, I haven’t necessarily achieved all things I preach about. In reality, this blog is more about how I, rather than how others, should be. I’m sharing with others so that I learn.

I might be quoting texts and sayings from my faith, Islam. I want the world to know that I respect Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, as well any other spiritual and non-spiritual point of view. Wisdom can be found everywhere. I’m quoting Islam because I know more about it than the other faiths and perspectives, and I hope that you will find in the future on this website some quotes from other viewpoints throughout my journey of awareness.

I might change my views over time. I think that is a good thing and signals progress. Therefore please don’t be surprised if you have read something and after some time you come back and see that it has changed or that it is not there anymore.

I might have some typos and grammatical mistakes. My native language is not English, yet it is the language I like most to write in. I’m happy if you point out any spelling or grammar mistakes, or if you have any other suggestion regarding my writing style.

For all the shortcomings I want to apologise in advance and thank you for visiting my website.